Surviving in a World of Bad Credit

Michael Hass gave a brilliant presentation on personal finance in 2019 and how individuals can avoid the pitalls of falling into bad credit and some top tips for applying for financial products like mobile phone contracts, car finance or personal loans. Michael says:

There are certain ways in which you can maximise your chances of acceptance in order to easily pass the checks involved when it comes to getting a new contract phone. All you need to do is apply directly with a specialist firm that is geared towards dealing with people who have poor credit. Sounds simple? Well it is! Historically speaking guaranteed phone contracts were not possible, but certain bad credit mobile phone specialists like have come up with a new way to offer them.

Should you want to use a standard UK network here is our review of some of the best networks to apply with:

Vodafone – Vodafone is a good choice, and will consider those with an adverse credit history, although you are more likely to be accepted if you have at OK credit history. Again try a SIM Only deal for best acceptance rates and apply online.

O2 – O2 also consider those who have a poor credit rating and are more likely to accept you online than in-store. They are definitely worth considering if you want a guaranteed contract. Try SIM Only for the best acceptance.

My aim is to help you get accepted using tried and tested advice and tips. In literal terms, no one can guarantee you anything, especially where credit is involved. There are many reasons why people are looking to move from Pay As You Go to contracts. Firstly it is much cheaper in terms of minutes and texts and you can get better deals. Secondly you also get a free mobile phone which is normally very expensive and this saves a lot of money too. Thirdly, sometimes you get other extra benefits from the network too such as free Voicemail.

The downside is that pay monthly plans are contracts which require a payment and therefore every retailer and network performs a credit check. As such it is harder for certain people to get accepted than others. However you can still get approved if you follow the tips that we have given on this website.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation on all things credit and finance in 2019!