DIADEM Workshop

A DIADEM project workshop will take place during the afternoon session of the event on the 17th September.

“Older adults are now spending more time online. However they use web services less often and have less experience with them than younger adults, due to their age related declines in abilities. Lack of web service use puts older adults at a disadvantage in terms of their abilities to live and function independently. This research project Delivering Inclusive Access to Disabled and Elderly Members (DIADEM) is developing an innovative assistive technology which will ensure that the many services available over the Internet are open and accessible to as many older adults as possible.”

Workshop Agenda

Thursday 17th September, 2pm – 4:30pm  

  • Welcome – Dr Tony Elliman
  • Older adults’ interaction with e-business/e-government  – Dr Arthur Money
  • DIADEM – Innovative approach to help older adults’ difficulties when using online services – Dr Tony Elliman
  • Demonstration of the DIADEM software – Dr Tony Elliman
  • Older adults’ experience with the DIADEM technology – Dr Arthur Money
  • Discussion and Conclusion